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  ~书摘  That morningthemajorin hcarge oftheward asked me if feltthat I could trave the next day.I saidI could.Hc saidthen dlcvwonid shipme OUt earlyin  themonfing.Hc saidlwould bebeRcr offmakingthetrip now beforeit gottoo 110t.  Whclltheylmd you up out ofbedto carry youintothe dressing-roomyou  couldlook out ofthcwindow and$CCthe ncw gravesinthe garden.A 80Idicr sat  outsidethe doorthat opened onto dlc garden,making CFOSSCS and painting on  them the rifles,rank,and regiment ofthemenwhowcrc buriedinthc~~vctrdcn.  Hc also ran errands for thc ward.and in his spare timc made me a cigarette.  1igjtcr Out of an cmpty Austrian ritlc—camidgc.,Ih:doctors were vcry nice and  seemed very capable.They wcrc anxious t0 ship me to Milan.whcere there wcrc  better X-ray facilidcs and whcrc.afh tIlc operation.I could takc mcchanico.  flmapy.1wanted c0 got0Milantoo.Theywantedto getus all OUtand back as  far as possible because all thc beds wcrc needed for the offensive,when it should  Sm.  The nigbtbeforeIIcRthefidd hospitalRinaldi cameinto sccme wicllthe  makpr  orfrom 011r mess.They said that 1 would go to an American hospiml in  Milanthat hadjustbeeninstalled.SomeAmerican ainbniance units wcrctobe  sent down,andthis hospitalwouldlook afterthem andany otherAmericans on  8~~rviceinItaIv.Therewcremanyinthc Red C~~085.ne States had dcdared  war onGermany,but not onAustria.  The Italians were sure America would dedarc wal"on Ausaia too.and they  we.re very excited about any Americans coming down。even the Red Cross.  They askcdmeifIthoughtPresidentWilsonwould dcclarewar onAmtria andI  saiditwas only amaRcr ofday.1 did not know whatwe  had against AustriⅡ.0  but it seemed logical that they~~onid declare war on her if they did on  Germany.They askedmcifwcwould dcclarewar onTurkey.I saidthatwas  doubtful.Twkey ,I said,was national bird,0 but the ioke trailslated so  badly and they weFe 80 puzzled and suspicious that I said“yes.we would probably  declare war on Turkey.And on Bulgaria?We had drunk several glasses of brandy  and I said yes by God on Bulgaria too and on Japan.But,they said。Japan is an  ally of England.You Call’t trust the bloody English.ne Japanese want Hawaii,I  Baid.Where is Hawaii?It is in the Pacific Ocean.Whv do the Japanese want it?  11ley don’t really want it,I said.That is all talk.11le Japanese are a wondefful  little people, fond of dancing and light wines. Like the French, said the major.  We will get Nice0 and Savoia ~~f~~om the French. We will get Corsica and all the  Adriatic coastline, Rinaldi said. Italy win return to the splendours of Rome, said  the major. I don t like Rome. I said. It is hot and foll of fleas. You don t likeRome? Yes, I love Rome. Rome is the mother of nations. 1 will never forget  Romulus suckling the Tiber. ~~What? Nothing. Let s all go to Rome. Let s go to  Rome to-night and never come back. Romc is a beautiful city, said the major.  The mother and father of nations, I said. Roma is feminine, said Rinaldi. It  cannot be the father. Who is the father, then, the Holy Ghost? Don tblaspheme. I wash t blaspheming, I was asking for information. You arednmk, baby. Who made me drunk? I made you drunk, said the major. I madeyou drunk because I love you and because America is in the war. Up to the hilt,I said. You go away in the morning, baby. Rinaldi said. To Rome, I said.No, to Milan. To Milan, said the major, to the Crystal Palace,~~to the Cova~~to Campari , ~~ to Bifli s, ~~ to the gaUeria . ~~ You lucky boy. To the GraaItalia, ~~ I said, where I will borrow money from George. To the Scala, ~~ saidRinaldi. You will go to the Scala. Every night, I said. You won t be able toafford it every night, said the major.  The tickets arc very expensive. I win draw a sight draft~~ on my  grandfather, I said. A what? A sight draft. He has to pay or I go to jail. Mr  Cunningham at the bank does it. I live by sight drafts. Can a grandfather jail a  patriotic grandson who is dying that Italy may live? Live the American  Ganbaldi, said RinMdi. Viva the sight drafts, I said. We must be quiet, said  the major. Already we have been asked many times to be quiet. Do you go to-  morrow reaily, Federicoz He goes to the American hospital, I tell you, Rinaldi  said. To the beautiful nurses. Not the nurses with beards of the field hospital.  Yes, yes, said the major, I know he goes to the American hospital. I don t  mind their beards, I said. If any man wants to raise a beard, let him. Why  dont you raise a beard, Signor Maggiore? It could not go in a gas-mask. Yes,  it conld. Anything can go in a gas-mask. Ive vomited into a gas-mask. Dont be so loud, baby, Rinaldi said. We all know you have been at the front. Oh,  you fine baby, what will I do while you are gone.? We must go, said the major.  This become* sentimental. Listen, I have a surprise for you. Your English. You  Know? The English you go to see every night at their hospital? She is going to  Milan too. She goes with another to be at the American hospital. They had not  got nurses yet from America. I talked to-day with the bead of their riparto.  They have too many women here at the front. They send some back. How do  you like that, baby? All right. Yes? YOU go to live in a big city and have your  English there to cuddle you. Why don t I get wounded? Maybe you wiU, I  said. We must go, said the major. We drink and make noise and disturb  Federlco. Don t go. Yes, we must go. Good-bye. Good luck. Many things. ~~  Giaou. Ciaou. Ciaou. Come back quickly, baby. Rinaldi kissed me. You smell  of lysol,  Good-bye, baby. Good-bye. Many things. The major patted my  shoulder. They dptoed out. I found I was quite drunk, but went to sleep.  ……~






海明威(1899~1961)美国小说家、诺贝尔文学奖获得者。1899年7月21日生于芝加哥市郊橡胶园小镇。父亲是医生和体育爱好者,母亲从事音乐教育。6个兄弟姐妹中,他排行第二,从小酷爱体育、捕鱼和狩猎。中学毕业后曾去法国等地旅行,回国后当过见习记者。第一次大战爆发后,他志愿赴意大利当战地救护车司机。1918年夏在前线被炮弹炸成重伤,回国休养。后来去加拿大多伦多市星报任记者。1921年重返巴黎,结识美国女作家斯坦因、青年作家安德森和诗人庞德等。1923年发表处女作《三个短篇小说和十首诗》,随后游历欧洲各国。1926年出版了长篇小说《太阳照样升起》,初获成功,被斯坦因称为“迷惘的一代\1929年,反映第一次世界大战的长篇巨著《永别了,武器》的问世给作家带来了声誉。 30年代初,海明威到非洲旅行和狩猎。1935年写成《非洲的青山》和一些短篇小说。 1937年发表了描写美国与古巴之间海上走私活动的小说《有的和无的》。西班牙内战期间,他3次以记者身份亲临前线,在炮火中写了剧本《第五纵队》,并创作了以美国人参加西班牙人民反法西斯战争为题材的长篇小说《丧钟为谁而鸣》(1940)。他曾与许多美国知名作家和学者捐款支援西班牙人民正义斗争。1941年偕夫人玛莎访问中国,支持我国抗日战争。后又以战地记者身份重赴欧洲,并多次参加战斗。战后客居古巴,潜心写作。1952年,《老人与海》问世,深受好评,翌年获普利策奖。1954年获诺贝尔文学奖。卡斯特罗掌权后,他离开古巴返美定居。因身上多处旧伤,百病缠身,精神忧郁, 1961年7月2日用猎枪自杀。 海明威去世后发表的遗作,主要有:《海流中的岛屿》(1970)和《伊甸园》(1986)。他那独特的风格和塑造的硬汉子形象对现代欧美文学产生深远的影响。





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  •     好吧 无爱海明威 无爱铁血男人写作风格。再次印证我是庸俗剧情控 是纯直女。
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  •     而是说,Catherine走向死亡与Henry断然回家的背后,作者比主人公还要决绝与荒唐。Henry没有成为圆木上蚂蚁的弥赛亚,正如海明威没有做主人公的弥赛亚一样,终究都是没有弥赛亚的表征而已。
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  •     这个版本好差啊,有好多错误,像盗版一样。不过海明威还是很不错的。赶紧考完专八,写完论文,再考完雅思就可以无忧无虑的看书了,真好!
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